Workplace Safety Takes a Team Effort

Creating and maintaining a workplace that is safe for all takes a team effort. We take safety seriously, and so do our employees. That's why we encourage everyone to SEE IT, OWN IT, SHARE IT. Join us in celebrating National Safety Month and our onsite Safety Champions. 

A safe and healthy workplace is critical for employees and staff, and it takes a team effort. At 48forty, our culture is driven by caring about the well-being of our coworkers. We understand that safety is the shared responsibility of each and every employee – no matter their position. 

June is National Safety Month; an annual observance to help keep each other safe from the workplace to anyplace. Safety must be a top priority on the job, which is why we are always taking a proactive approach. We’re taking this opportunity to reflect on our own policies, responsibilities, and how we remind our employees of important workplace safety processes. And in celebration of the 25th anniversary of National Safety Month, we’re sharing 48forty’s new safety campaign to engage and inform 48forty team members.

An All-for-One Culture is Key to Keeping People Safe

Aside from a quality management system or similar initiative, company-led safety campaigns can boost morale and inspire employees to be more aware of their surroundings. These can include lunch-n-learns, role play, or any number of activities that invite employees to participate in implementing and following safety protocols. 

Many organizations report on their efforts. Employees are encouraged to take action instead of ignoring or failing to admit to an error or incident. Safety engagement programs can go a long way toward helping employees feel like they’re part of the solution, which translates to happier teams and more positive work environments. 

See It, Own It, Share It 

In our effort to engage employees, 48forty recently launched: See It, Own It, Share It, our new platform for sharing how we take health and safety seriously to create a better, safer workplace for us all. The initiative reminds everyone to pledge that “Safety is MY Responsibility.”

The campaign includes in-location flyers and other communication materials to inform and invite participation, as well as an assortment of new safety initiatives and programs geared toward making everyone safer while at work. 

  • See It: Always be aware of your surroundings. Whether at the plant, in the office, at home or driving, be on the lookout for unsafe conditions
  • Own It: It is the responsibility of each and every employee, regardless of position, to own safety – not only by working safely but by looking out for the safety of others.
  • Share It: When an innovative safety solution or potential safety concern is uncovered, stop and ask where a similar safety issue might exist in our organization and who else might benefit from knowing this information. 

Through this campaign, we are helping employees become more aware of potentially unsafe conditions and gain a clear understanding of what they can do about it. But our work doesn’t end there; we also believe in sharing best practices with subcontractors, vendors, partners, and the industry as a whole. Being intentional with our efforts allows 48forty to be part of the solution toward building a global culture of safety and health in the workplace.

Celebrate Safety Champions

Our commitment to employee safety isn’t new. In fact, we see safety and quality a lot like a hammer and nail… you really can’t have one without the other. Communicating with employees about their role, and how it fits in the bigger picture of what we do is at the center of every 48forty plant. We believe this level of transparency elevates workplace safety, and it invites team members to speak up if there are opportunities for improvement. Recently, our plants nominated and spotlighted onsite Safety Champions to recognize those going above and beyond when it comes to safety. 

Jose Angeles
Saw Shop Operator Jose Angeles is our Hammond plant Safety Champion. He’s been a part of the 48forty team for 15 years. — Kelly Green, General Manager  

Tashawn Tipton-1

Tashaw Tipton has been a Forklift Driver for 2 years at our Lubbock facility. We are proud to call Tashaw a Safety Champion!  — David Pine, General Manager

Kevin (1)-1

Kevin Schroeter has been a true Safety Champion at our Milwaukee plant for six years. He serves on our Safety Committee team and takes safety very seriously.— Eric Fenton, General Manager

Agustin Franco

Agustin Franco has been a Forklift Operator for over 21 years and is our Lockport Safety Champion! An example of his commitment to safety is the ownership he takes in performing multiple safety checks each day to ensure that forklift operations are kept safe when loading and unloading trailers.
— Kari​ Hodgetts, Regional Business Development Manager

Wimbish #201 Richmond VA (1)

Lawrence Wimbish is currently a Saw Shop Lead at our Richmond facility. He’s been with 48forty going on 15 years, and he is constantly looking to make sure everything is up to safety standards. — Brian David, Plant Manager

IMG_0852 (1)-1

Luis Pena is a Truck Driver with our Charlotte plant, and he does an excellent job helping keep our tractors, trailers, and yard safe and clean. Luis is an asset to the Charlotte team, and we are proud to have him as a team member and Safety Champion. —  Michael Duff, General Manager


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