Why Join 48forty: Discussion with Ibis Reynolds

We recently spoke with Ibis Reynolds, Chief Human Resources Officer, here at 48forty Solutions. We discussed 48forty’s incredible growth and how that’s benefitting current and future employees. Read on to learn more about the many opportunities available across the company and how employees are encouraged to build a career with 48forty. Answers have been lightly edited for clarity.

Tell us about your role at 48forty. What previous experience has particularly prepared you for your current leadership position?

As the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at 48forty, I lead the HR team. This team is responsible for recruitment, HR systems, benefits, payroll, talent management, and M&A people integrations. I've been in an HR leadership role for the last 20 years. And as a CHRO, I'm reminded every day that supporting each other is super important. All in all, it’s critical to make sure that the HR function supports the business and supports what is happening in the field.

As a child of immigrants, I felt like I had this debt that I needed to repay this country for allowing my parents to come here. This is why I started my career at the beginning of college as a United States Naval Reservist. I remember sitting at my desk as a human resources generalist during Desert Shield, when I was recalled to active duty. It was a very fulfilling experience and I think the common thread for me is making sure that your unit supports the company and the business. If the business is working properly and they’re being supported, then the greater good is in a better place.

What makes 48forty unique?

48forty is a company that’s made up of so many other companies. We have over 5,500 dedicated employees, many of which are in the field working incredibly hard every day. The beauty of being made up of various companies is that if you can imagine each company having great ideas, great success, great leaders, great dedication in the field, and then you put all that together… it’s just so unique because you get the best of all these different worlds. We’re also very open to making sure that we take the best and the brightest from all companies to incorporate in our day-to-day processes, policies, and guidelines.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

I definitely enjoy being able to be brought into certain initiatives and other things that are happening within the company, because most things that happen within a company involve people. When I’m brought into a situation – whether that’s something that we’re trying to work on or trying to improve – what I love the most is helping an organization connect the dots so that we can be as successful as possible.

What qualities would you say 48forty looks for in candidates?

We want folks who want to be here a long time so that they can grow with us, and be part of continuing to build a great company. Since we have a very long career path, we have quite a few folks in our organization that started in a plant, or on a site, and have really learned our processes. They’ve excelled and continue to grow into other roles within the organization - and now they’re leading teams or leading regions.

Why would someone be excited to join the 48forty team?

We are constantly growing every day, and currently have over 250 sites across the nation. This means that everyone has a tremendous opportunity to grow. The sky’s the limit here, and individuals can really do, or become, anything they want. If people want to grow or try something new, they can in this type of environment.

In today’s world, people want to be part of an organization that takes care of their employees, and that’s exactly what we do. We treat our team with respect through a safe environment and high level of integrity.

What are some of the benefits of working at 48forty? 

48forty has very competitive health care insurance plans, including medical, dental, short-term disability, and long-term disability. In addition, we have a competitive 401k program, where 48forty does a company match for the employee. There is also a tuition reimbursement policy set in place, which allows any person in the company to take classes at a university. If they want to get a degree on their off time, 48forty will help pay for that.

How does 48forty support its employees on a daily basis?

We let our employees know what to expect, which is crucial so that they are not surprised. They work in a safe environment, with a supervisor or manager who can be trusted and is respectful. Our employees have the appropriate training on how to use the tools needed, and we provide them with the proper protective equipment, such as gloves, vests, safety glasses, and whatever else is required to do the job.

How do team members at 48forty achieve long-term success?

Success can mean something different to everyone depending on what they want to accomplish. Whatever that goal is though, we are constantly trying to help individuals reach it.

For example, if someone wants to be in a management role, they would talk to their leader about what it’s going to take for them to become a manager. From there, it’s then a commitment by the employee and manager to determine what exactly needs to be done to reach that goal. It is a collective effort that allows both individuals to grow together.

How have you seen current team members benefit from 48forty?

Since the company is growing so quickly, theres an opportunity for the people that are already in the organization to learn something new and slightly different every day. Just by being around other people that have experienced different things, our team members grow naturally. When you combine so many groups of people into one organization, it just broadens all of our perspectives and helps us all become better and stronger people.

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Ibis Reynolds is Chief Human Resources Officer at 48forty Solutions. With over 20 years of experience in HR leadership, Ibis has a passion for providing quality service to both the employees and operators of the organization.