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Want to Honor the US Military this Veterans Day? Hire a Vet

Steven Gillenwater

When it’s time to add members to our team, managers or frontline, I never hesitate in hiring military veterans. Here’s why.

Like many Americans, Veterans Day is very special to me. No, I didn’t serve. My father and grandfather father are both veterans and their approach to life and duty made me the man I am today. Thank you, sirs!

Veterans Day also has special meaning because of all of the vets who work for 48forty. As the VP for Human Resources, our veterans make my job easy. More importantly, they make sure our company, 48forty, delivers on our promise of pallet management made simple. So when it’s time to add members to our team, managers or frontline, 48forty never hesitates in hiring military veterans. Here’s why.

Veterans are “plug and play” leaders. Proven leaders are in high demand and short supply. When 48forty hires veterans for management and supervisory roles, we know they’re ready to get to work. They have learned to be leaders in the military and this skill – and talent - translates well to the civilian work world.

“The Marine Corps taught me to put mission accomplishment at the top of any list, with troop welfare directly below. The Corps also instilled 14 leadership traits that play a vital role in my daily interaction with other Marines and employees of 48forty’s Walterboro facility: Judgment, Justice, Dependability, Initiative, Decisiveness, Tact, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Bearing, Unselfishness, Courage, Knowledge, Loyalty, and Endurance.”

- Joseph Martines, Marine Corps Veteran & 48forty Plant Manager (Walterboro, SC)

Veterans are disciplined, goal oriented individuals. Many people join the military to become more disciplined individuals. They came to the right place! Discipline is instilled during basic training and reinforced through the military’s well-defined expectations for appearance, behavior and code of conduct. The military also teaches people how to set and achieve goals; personal and organizational, tactical and strategic. If you want to run a tight ship that gets things done, hire a vet!

Veterans are all about the team. You’ve heard the old saying, “There is no I in team.” No one does team better than military veterans. They know they’re in this world for each other. Vets make it clear that they’d run through a wall for their team members, which in turn inspires others to rise to the occasion and do the same. When our plant managers have challenging situations, I know they’ll figure it out and their teams will be right there with them getting the job done.

“When you enlist in the military, you realize you’re not signing up for a job or a career path, but a commitment to serve your country and others first. You find that you do your best work when the lives of others depend on your ability to perform on a daily basis. Go Navy!”

- Joshua Williams, Navy Veteran & 48forty Plant Manager (Detroit)

Veterans command respect. 48forty team members hold military vets in high esteem. Even those who’ve experienced hard knocks or a hard life respect veterans. They know vets have been deployed to dangerous places. Have struggled through life. Have experienced battles and violence, victories and loss. Vets don’t have to earn street cred; they have it. This is a huge asset in today’s diverse workforce.

“At the time I was recruited, I was going through some hardships in finding my way within society, so the recruiter didn’t have to work hard for me to enlist. I chose the Marine Corps specifically because I wanted to go all in, as has been my nature in most aspects.”

- Joseph Martines, Marine Corps Veteran & 48forty Plant Manager (Walterboro, SC)

Lastly, veterans deserve an opportunity. Our military veterans willingly put their lives on the lines for America. Transitioning back to the civilian world after years of service is not always easy. The least we can do is to give them the opportunity to work for a great company where their talents, training, and leadership skills are valued. It’s the least we can do at 48forty to pay it forward.

If you have the opportunity to hire a veteran, I hope you’ll join 48forty in giving these fine men and women a chance at success in business. Happy Veterans Day to America’s military and their families!