Join Our Team: Stay, Grow, Succeed at 48forty

Through ongoing training, teamwork, and opportunities to advance, our team members are encouraged to learn on the job and given the tools they need to build a career. See the six ways we help 48forty team members stay, grow and succeed.

Are you looking for a job that encourages learning, growth and success? At 48forty, we look for ways to make coming to work more rewarding and more fun. From scheduling to advancement opportunities, our team members are given the tools and knowledge they need to build a career with us.

Our facilities offer a wide variety of positions that span from drivers to saw operators to sales. Every career path with us is supported through ongoing training, teamwork, and opportunities to advance—whether through a promotion or a transition to another area of our business. How do we support our employees? Check out our six pillars to help 48forty team members stay, grow and succeed:

1. Enjoy Consistent Work Schedules

Whether your work is done in front of a computer or behind the wheel of a truck, we believe in setting consistent work weeks. We hire full-time, 40-hours-a-week positions whenever possible so you can have a consistent income and benefits, and a better work-life balance. We value the time and effort our team members give to our customers and want to make sure you know you're making a difference. 


Rafael Zapien (left) has been with 48forty for 30 years. He is currently the Floor Supervisor at our Antioch facility, but he has also worked as a Saw Shop Operator, Grinder Operator, and Paller Builder.

2. Grow Your Career

We help you build a meaningful career by creating opportunity. Each position at 48forty comes with a clear path forward for advancement. From when and how we provide training, to performance reviews and promotions, we do what we can to make sure you’re aware of how your role might evolve over time to meet your goals. Many of our employees in management positions started with us either in a part-time role or as a temporary driver. 


Dandriel Jones (DJ) of our Antioch plant was originally hired as an Office Manager back in 2016. She was promoted this year to Plant Supervisor.

3. Gain Quality Training and Ongoing Support

We understand how impossible it can be to be promoted without proper training and mentorship. If you’re interested in improving or expanding your skills, we offer ongoing education and can help you find a mentor within your 48forty facility. Both encourage confidence in your work and help you better understand how important this work is. The more you understand how we operate, the more likely you are to share your ideas on how we can improve our processes and products.


Our Birmingham plant recently celebrated work milestones! Johnny Braxton (Pallet Repair) 3 Years; Lyn Warren (General Manager) 10 Years; Antwain Frazier (Pallet Repair) 7 Years.

4. Always Feel Safe and Confident

At the center of our culture, and everything we do is safety. We have thorough safety procedures across all areas of our business and train our team members to constantly improve so they can work with confidence. Our employees have become passionate about safety and often go above and beyond to keep everyone safe while in our facilities. 


Jerome Fuller is an experienced Forklift Driver at our Nashville, TN plant. He recently earned the plant’s Safety Champion award!

5. Enjoy Better Benefits

We fully understand our employees play a key role in the world’s supply chain industry and our success. We also understand many of them are working to provide for their families. To support your career goals and personal needs, 48forty provides a full benefits package, including health, dental, vision, disability, life insurance, paid time off and 401(k) retirement savings (after 90 days). We also often offer opportunities for sign-on and retention bonuses to further support your success.

Talena Dixon

Talena Dixon of our facility in Phoenix started out as an Office Manager in 2017 and was recently promoted to Plant Manager.

6. Get Paid Time Off

Regardless of what position you have, time off is important for staying motivated and enthusiastic about your work. We offer paid vacation and sick days so you can take needed time off to spend relaxing, healing or doing the things you need to recharge your battery and return to work with a positive attitude.

Mustafa (2)-1

Mustafa got his start at 48forty 9 years ago as a Pallet Builder at our Portland, Oregon facility. He moved his way up to Forklift Driver, Lead Forklift Driver, and now Plant Supervisor.

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Image-1Jeffrey Merrifield is Benefits and Compensation Manager at 48forty Solutions. He has been with the company just over 4 years. His passion is providing quality support to both the employees and the operators of the company.