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Customer Success: Why and How It Is Our Main Priority

Natalya Calleja

Customers are the driving force of an economy. Without customers, an organization (no matter its size) will not be able to grow and prosper. At 48forty, we understand the value of our customers and the difference they make.

The first core value that we teach and instill in all of our employees is that we always put the customer first. Our customers are the heart of our business.We are proud to say we are a customer-centric operation. Here’s why: 

We have a simple business model—we sell the standard 48x40 recycled pallets to small and large local, regional, and national companies. We also buy back pallets from our customers to reuse, repair, and recycle. By the end of the pallet cycle, they are chipped and ground for other applications. Our goal is to divert as much as we can from the landfills as part of our commitment to the environment.

[Recycled pallets offer an opportunity for companies to improve their sustainability efforts and operational efficiency. See how.]

Our customers have choices when it comes to pallets, but many pallet providers make promises that they just can’t keep. The truth is that anyone can repair a pallet, but no one can match the level of service and reliability that the 48forty supply chain and operation experts can deliver. For example, 48forty creates  custom pallet management solutions to fit the individual needs and scope of large retailers, manufacturers and other businesses.

[Watch as Kevin Coffey, Director of National Sales, and Lee Hunt, Regional Director of Operations, share how 48forty responds quickly and ensures pallet consistency and quality.]

Custom pallet management solutions are table stakes for 48forty. That’s because we recognize there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all relationship in retail. Large discount retailers, their shoppers, merchandise mix, distribution centers, and supply chains are very different from those of a smaller retailer. How they want their pallets handled differs greatly as well. Custom is the name of our game.

We’ve learned a great deal by partnering with our customers over the past 25 years. Today we can say with confidence that we understand how pallet procurement, replenishment, disposal, and day-to-day management can impact our customers’ supply chain. We have invested a great deal in our people, technology, infrastructure, safety, and processes in order to offer the best customer service an asset-based pallet recycler can deliver. What it comes down to, is we always put our customers first.

Here’s how we deliver pallets on time, whenever needed anywhere in North America:  

  1. We have 225+ network facilities: 45 company owned, and 180 affiliates. We also manage 30 on-site retail customer facilities.
  2. We are an asset-based pallet supplier, therefore we have 100% control over our operations. This translates into maximum efficiency and exceptional customer service.
  3. We have access to more than 110 million pallets each year.
  4. We operate one of the largest private fleets in the country. With 2,500 trailers and 300 tractors, we can respond to our customers’ needs anytime, anywhere.
  5. We have heavily invested in technology like e-signature to provide immediate digital bill-of-landings, as well as PalTrax, our industry-leading customer portal. where our customers can place orders and pickups 24/7.

Our goal is to drive operational excellence and continuous improvement for our customers. We know a lot is at stake when it comes to meeting the expectations of our customers while being good stewards of the environment we all share.

48forty - purpose

Our team would like to thank our customers for giving us a wonderful opportunity to serve you. You are our inspiration for doing our very best. Thank you and remember – we value you!