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Asset-based Pallet Provider: Reliable Pallet Supply [VIDEO]

Joshua Morse

Joshua Morse, General Manager, discusses how an asset-based pallet provider has the scale, infrastructure, and personnel to support the fast-changing needs of customers' supply chains.

Hi, my name is Josh Morse. I am the general manager for two plants in the northeast; Albany, New York and Westborough, Massachusetts, and I've been with 48forty Solutions for a little over three years now.

How can you meet my business's demand for pallets?

Oftentimes we get calls, "Do you have pallets?" We have pallets. We have a great supply of pallets. We have the personnel to repair and to deliver those pallets to you. We have great local and national teams that are very collaborative. We have scale, we have infrastructure, we have great teams, and we're one of the only companies to actually have brick and mortar locations where we are repairing pallets every single day.

We work hard to make sure that we are a key component of the supply chain, and ultimately of the customer's supply chain. We're always forward thinking. We're looking forward to our current customers to meet their demands, and we're also looking to the future to make sure that we continue to build our and our customers' businesses.

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Josh-Morse-GMJoshua Morse is General Manager of our Albany, NY and Westborough, MA plants here at 48forty. He brings with him diverse and deep management experience in broad focus areas such as supply chain, inventory control, production, human resources, and sales. His expertise is in driving profitable revenue increases in highly competitive markets.