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48forty and Relogistics Services Expand Operations in Douglas, Georgia

Douglas, GA - 48forty Solutions (48forty), a leading national provider of recycled pallets and pallet management services, alongside its sister company Relogistics Services (Relogistics), one of the nation's leading pallet and container management companies, today announced that both divisions have expanded their operations in Douglas, GA.

This location is the company's first-ever combined greenfield location for both recycling and reverse logistics services. The two businesses will operate in a 70,000 SF facility; 40,000 SF will be dedicated to the pallet recycling division and 30,000 SF to the reverse logistics center, as part of the pallet and container management division.

The combined facility was designed to meet the complex needs of our customers' ever-growing supply chains, allowing them to use their warehouse space for product movement instead of pallets and other packaging. The joint location also eliminates transportation between the two operations, benefitting the customer from a cost and efficiency perspective, and has a positive environmental impact. The location of the joint facility is 534 Thompson Dr., Douglas, GA 31535. 

Mike Hachtman, 48forty Solutions CEO, said: "This was a strategic decision to better serve our customers in ways that separate facilities could not. We will be able to handle more volume, have greater capacity for product, room for expansion and automation, and create hiring opportunities for people in the Douglas, GA, area. In addition to these opportunities, having one facility reduces our carbon emissions and aligns with 48forty Solutions' commitment to the environment, which we value greatly."

ABOUT 48forty Solutions

48forty Solutions is one of the largest pallet recycling companies in North America, with a national network of over 228 facilities, including 51 company-owned and operated pallet-recycling plants and more than 850 service providers. 48forty provides end-to-end pallet solutions from supply to retrieval, new and custom pallets, and reverse logistics services. It also operates one of the nation's largest private fleets of 5,300 trailers and nearly 355 power units. To learn more, visit or find it on LinkedIn.

ABOUT Relogistics

Relogistics provides retailers with faster, better, smarter pallet and container management services, helping them realize the efficiencies and opportunities of a professional, scalable, effective, third-party workforce without the costs and risks associated with staffing and managing warehouse labor. Relogistics supports customers at more than 177 locations, processing over 355,000 trailers and handling over 230 million pallets and 122 million reusable containers annually. Our comprehensive pallet logistics services help drive efficiency and reduce supply-chain costs for major retailers nationwide. To learn more, visit or find it on LinkedIn.