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As Green as It Gets: 48forty Honored for Sustainable Business Practices

Hillary Femal

Last week 48forty received some exciting news: Inbound Logistics has selected us as a Green Supply Chain Partner for 2018!

The leading industry publication made the selection based on 48forty’s sustainable business practices. As part of the year-long recognition, we will be profiled in a special section of Inbound Logistics’ June “Lean and Green” issue as one of 75 leading companies readers can turn to when seeking green supply chain management and logistics partners. Its editors determined 48forty is “walking the walk” when it comes to our commitment to supply chain sustainability.

In the spirit of transparency, we did submit an entry form detailing our sustainability practices. As a new company, I didn’t know if we’d win, but I thought we had a shot. 48forty is about as green as it gets. Let me explain.

48forty is the largest recycled wood pallet company in North America. Each year we manage more than 90 million pallets across the United States and Canada. We take pallets from the day they are built with white wood through eight to ten uses, repairing them as needed to required specs. We also collect used wooden pallets from retailers and manufacturers, which we then reuse or recycle. A typical pallet travels thousands of miles in our customers’ supply chains, securing a wide range of products to their destinations.

At the end of a pallet’s life, 48forty recycles the wood into lawn mulch or pellets for stoves and fireplaces. Ours is truly a closed loop system!

As a supplier, 48forty’s reuse and recycling practices also support the sustainability goals of our customers. Most major retailers have formal sustainability programs that include vendor requirements. When you work with 48forty, we help check the sustainability box for you.

The 48forty team is excited to be one of Inbound Logistics’ Green Supply Chain Partners for 2018. It’s great to be recognized for our expertise and something we all believe in, sustainable products and services that support successful businesses.

48forty employee